Nikon FG-20 | Expired Film

A few months ago, my dad gave me his old SLR, a Nikon FG-20 that he had bought way back when (in the 80s I think) but basically hardly used.

I tried using it when I was about 14, but couldn't quite get the hang of it, the pictures were blurry and not in focus, under-exposed and quite generally... crap. It was disheartening, but for the last few years I've been getting more and more into photography, which sparked up my interest again. So I've now permanently taken the camera of his hands and am using all the film I bought when I was 14 or so. All of the film has expired now, by a good 3-4 years but this just goes to show that if the film is kept well, i.e. not boiled by heat, then it's still good to go.

I must admit, I was expecting the pictures to come out a little dull toned and maybe they have, I can't really tell but I'm more pleased with the actually images - if I could speak to my 14 year old self I'd say; 'hang in there, and don't give up because you'll get it eventually'. 

I also have to say that I actually much prefer not only how images from film come out as opposed to digital but I actually prefer using my SLR more than my DSLR - it might be because I'm still learning to use the digital properly but going manual allows you the time to really concentrate on what you're shooting, and the rewards are much, much sweeter.

I made a bit of a boo boo by scanning in the images on a low resolution so, sorry they're a little on the small side but I can't fathom sitting to scan them all again. I asked for these photographs to be printed matte with a border, which unfortunately has been cropped out by my scanner (I'll figure it out for next time), but I'll always favour matte over gloss, I just think the pictures look so much more professional that way. And just for the record, although the film was expired, it was just a bog standard tesco film iso 400.

I know the photos aren't perfect but let me know what you think... I cannot wait to load in another film and get shooting again with this camera.

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