Bake Off Bake Along #1 | Swiss Roll

So as our Wednesday evenings are finally filled with the joyousness of the bake off, this year I thought I'd bake along for funsies, and to widen my repertoire of baked goods. So every week, I'll be baking one round of the show, whichever tickles my fancy and posting it up on here, much to my embarrassment and hopefully your enjoyment.

This week I decided to bake a swiss roll, which was the signature bake of the episode. I have made swiss roll before, and plenty of roulade too but a few weeks ago I made a meringue roulade that pretty much failed miserably. It didn't rise, it certainly didn't roll and it had a crack on every turn. Utter failure. I still brought it in to work to be devoured, which it was but I was too ashamed to mention it on here. Just awful.

And as you will see from the thumbnail of this blog post, my swiss roll isn't much of an improvement either. I will not be winning the star baker award anytime soon. I'm sure of it.

I was on a bit of a budget so I decided to go with a plain vanilla sponge, hoping that the quality of my bake would make up for the simplicity. HA. I used the recipe from my Basics Baking Handbook, which has previously served me well, but oh no, not this time.

The sponge didn't really rise, I think I had actually over beat the mixture, and I think it probably could have done with another minute or so in the oven - in other words, under baked. Still, it tastes alright and you can definitely taste the vanilla - instead of just using vanilla extract I went the whole hog and used vanilla pods.

I guess the star of this bake really has to be the salted caramel that lines the inside of the roll, with whipped cream OBVIOUSLY. I posted about the salted caramel here, and to be honest, it really makes the bake.

The saltiness of the caramel with the sweetness of the cream and the strong vanilla flavour in the sponge actually works rather well.

So there we have it, my miserable first bake off bake along bake. No soggy bottoms this week but it's certainly not up to scratch and Paul & Mary would not be best pleased. But you live and you learn hey? And there's a silver lining to every cloud because I still have half a jar of salted caramel in the fridge.

Winning. At. Life.

My friend Amanda at Rhyme and Ribbons is coincidentally doing a similar series over on her blog, I would thoroughly recommend checking out her bake for this week as mine is a little underwhelming to say the least. Anyway, enjoy!

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