August Bank Holiday | Baking, More Baking & Monopoly

I am most certainly not happy about the lack of sun but I have to admit, I did like the dreariness of the weekend, it really gave us a reason to stay in, relax and watch a shed load of TV. Including a four hour binge of Orange Is The New Black on Saturday evening, by far not our worst binge but thoroughly enjoyed, with wine.

I don't actually want to admit how many empty wine bottles I put in the recycling from the weekend, but the wine consumed was immense. Wolf Blass Cabernet Sauvignon 2 for £10 at ASDA was taken advantage of more than once.

It was also quite a productive weekend on the baking front though. I made my ciabattas, I made pierogi - which I'm considering doing a post on, do let me know if you'd be interested in that, my pictures only tell half the story really - and also a coffee and walnut cake with a salted caramel and chocolate ganache. Unfortunately I under baked the cake ever so slightly, and so it shows quite dense in the pictures. But I can assure you it tastes more than acceptable. 

And when Monday in all it's rainy glory rocked around, the boy and I knew that the only suitable thing to do was to play a monster game of monopoly. So I got the bus to Peckham, popped into Argos (via Primark, Boots, Superdrug... you know the usuals) and came clambering back (via ASDA too *ahem*) board game in hand.

I think we probably played for about 4-5 hours, and I don't think I've laughed so much in quite so long. Monopoly was always a childhood favourite of mine, I used to beg my sister to play with me, much to her disappointment - every, single, time. 

So that sums up my weekend really, a lot of cooking and baking and a friendly competitive game of monopoly amongst friends.

Hope you all had a fab one, because it's the last one until Christmas - cry!!!

Re: plaster on whole middle finger - it's simple really, don't put your hand in a food processor, there are blades in there :)

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