What's For Lunch Today? Savage Salads | Berwick St Market

Ok so this is actually a lunch from last week but due to MacBook absence I've had to save this post for a dire blogging situation #melodramatic !

But here we are, back on the streets of soho (for a change) and I thought I'd enlighten you all about Savage Salads, which can be found at the Berwick St Market Tuesday-Friday. I don't know much else about them other than I stumbled across them with a colleague (who has begged me to mention his name, Reuben, are you happy now?!). The line was insanely long... we walked up and down the queue umming and aahing, until Reuben finally said 'well if there's this many people... it must be good'. True say.

So we waited, and we waited... and we finally drew closer to the stall where we shouted across our orders.

It works like this: you can choose either halloumi or chicken or both to have in your salad which consists of four salad bases, of which I can't exactly remember but there was cabbage (typical Pole) and roasted peppers with couscous, as well as choosing either balsamic vinegar or garlic dressing or both. The salad is placed on top of a bed of salad leaves and you also get half a toasted pitta for the craic. The price is £5 standard, no matter which combination you opt for.

Both Reuben and I went for just halloumi, but I immediately regretted as soon as we walked passed the food preparation as the chicken smelled phenomenal. I also went for balsamic no garlic, sensible option, Reuben went for garlic no balsamic.

To be honest, next time, because there *will* be a next time, I'm just going to go for everything, because, well, why the hell not?! I have to say, the salads were amazingly delicious, and the size of the queue was absolutely justified. We also heard people debating the same way we did, on whether or not to join the queue. 

As always, I struggle to handover a fiver for lunch in these situations, and although the tight-fisted me still feels that way, actually, the quality of the food probably just about represents the price. I've paid more in whole foods for a not as filling and not as exciting salad before so I think that's a good indicator.

If you get a chance to find them somewhere, I believe they're at the Dalston Yard Street Feast today, then go for it, especially if the queue isn't too long a wait, your belly will love you.

Also, apologies for the crappy photos, I still feel self-conscious getting any kind of camera out to snap away. Must get over myself.