Triple Birthday Celebration in Richmond

I don't know about you, but in my family the majority birthdays are grouped in the same two times of the year, seemingly the points in the year when anyone is most skint; July and December.

In July we celebrate my dearest mum and auntie's birthdays as well as my own, convenient. So this year as we're all spread out a bit more location-wise, I thought it would be nice to gather all the forces together for a lunch in a middle meeting ground, one of which happened to be Richmond.

After searching and searching, and then my mum receiving a recommendation for Chez Lindsay, we booked a table. The restaurant specialises in french cuisine from the Brittany region, and has a wide selection of buckwheat pancakes, which are gluten free. Some of us had a starter and between my sister, the boy and myself we shared a big pot of mussels in a creamy white wine sauce which was absolutely divine. I probably *could* have eaten a whole portion to myself but I think splitting it three ways was the sensible thing to do, because the pancakes were insanely filling. And that picture is post-mussel eating, just because they were too yum to faff around with a camera beforehand for.

Pretty much all of us at the table went for the super complete buckwheat pancake, because it sounded amazing. I have to admit, I've never really liked buckwheat before, to me it has a very smokey almost burnt flavour. It's quite a prominent ingredient in 'kasza' a Polish wheat grain type cereal, that we've often had for dinner, amongst other things. And despite my existing opinion, I *actually* quite enjoyed the pancake, the flavour I've previously associated with buckwheat was there but I guess not as strong, and hey, perhaps I've grown up a bit?! (Not likely...) Anyway the super complete pancakes were almost like a breakfast pancake and absolutely delicious. I'd definitely consider using buckwheat in my own home cooking now.

Now that we were absolutely stuffed, we made our way along the river for a little stroll to find somewhere to do what my family does best... drinking tea and eating cake. 

The weather was hot and humid and slightly overcast but we carried on nonetheless. We walked along to the Terrace Gardens and just as we walked through the gates it started raining, so we ran for cover at the Hollyhock Cafe and managed to grab some seats under the shelter outside. We were all laughing because although it was hot and humid, as well as raining quite heavily, we stuck to our guns and had tea and cake - how quintessentially British. Nothing dampens our spirits.

So we drank, and ate, and chatted for a good while whilst the rain cleared and a little while longer until it was time to say goodbye. It was such a lovely and relaxed afternoon, the type that makes you really appreciate all the little things, family included.

After we said our goodbyes my sister, the boy and I strolled back through Richmond to grab the train back to London, and I have to say, despite the low flying planes, I kinda fell in love with Richmond... just a little. It's a lovely place, but I imagine very expensive to live there. Obviously feeling quite practical whilst I write this.

Nonetheless we had a fab time.