The Waterloo Bar & Kitchen

We're going a bit backwards over here today, but nevertheless, I'll carry on.

Before the trip to the theatre on Saturday, the boy had booked for us to eat at the Waterloo Bar & Kitchen, as part of my birthday prezzie. 

If you know The Old Vic, you'll probably know that this restaurant is just around the corner and in the same building as the theatre, and they do cater for pre-theatre meals, which is nice. I think if you let them know they'll wrap the meal up for you in time for the curtain call - convenient.

I have actually eaten at this restaurant twice before - I loves it. The food is fab; uncompromising, stylish and comforting. You won't find a main for under a tenner though, which although I think is justified, some of the prices I can't really stomach. No pun intended.

Anyhow, we sat down at 4:30pm, I know, early for a dinner but I'm glad we did it that way because I have *always* come out of that restaurant feeling super full, because the food is just too good to leave and we didn't want to be uncomfortable throughout the show. Forward planning at it's best. I must say though, it's quite an odd experience sitting in a completely empty restaurant, but quite fun as you can talk as loud as you want and not disturb any of the other diners. Not that we're really rowdy, just y'know sometimes it's nice to let loose a little.

So anyway, we ordered our food whilst sipping on cool pints of Peroni (my favourite lager). I went for the Squid & Chorizo Salad, the boy went for a Goat's Cheese Tartlet. The starters were actually really big, I'd forgotten how big they are. I have to say, the squid was cooked to perfection, and not in the slightest bit rubbery which was so refreshing. It was actually the perfect choice for a starter because it was SO hot on Saturday, a bit of greenery on my plate was welcome. Overall the dish was fab and I ate every last morsel. I would have liked a spicier (or even spicy) chorizo but I guess you can't have it all eh? And we get a big thumbs up from the boy for his tartlet starter - thoroughly enjoyed on all accounts.

Shortly after, we received our mains - there wasn't exactly a rush in the kitchen, but we knew that would be the case so not bothered in the slightest. I went for the Brie-filled Chicken Breast & Mash with a Creamy Taragon Sauce, which I've had before, and I always like to think if I'm going back to a place I've been before, I will choose something different, but I never do. Wishful thinking. You only live once right? And if you like it, you like it, there ain't no hiding it. 

But anyway, I LOVE this dish. It is comforting but a bit more fancy that your typical comfort food obviously and they give you a huge portion. The sauce is divine and the brie, the melty, gooey brie. Just yum.

The boy went for Confit of Duck with Mash, Red Cabbage and a Red Wine Jus. He said he enjoyed it, but just thought he made the wrong choice for that day and that the flavours didn't *really* go together, which is a shame. But he said he still thought it was nice. So there's a silver lining to every cloud eh?

We didn't end up getting dessert because we were stuffed and needed to go for a walk wanted to make sure we had enough time to get a few more drinks before the play. Which actually resulted in us going for a brisk walk to the South Bank and back, then to the theatre where we ordered a bottle of wine to have half before the show, half in the interval. But we ended up polishing it off and had to buy more drinks for the interval whoops. What was I saying about only living once? Yeah that.

All in all, another fantastic experience at The Waterloo Bar & Kitchen. If you ever go passed there around 7-9pm you'll see the place is jam packed, but still has a laid-back atmosphere, which I love. I'd thoroughly recommend a visit.

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