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Hey look at me getting all cultured over here.

When my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I wasn't really sure what to say until I passed The Old Vic on the bus a few days later and saw the building plastered in posters for The Crucible, starring Richard Armitage.

I'm well aware of The Crucible by Arthur Miller as an American Studies grad, and although I never actually studied any of Arthur Miller's works whilst at university, I just knew this play would be right up my street. And it was.

My lovely boy, booked tickets as soon as I mentioned it and spent the rest of the time running up to my birthday trying to throw me off saying that 'it would be good, but we probably won't see it', the cheeky beggar. So when I opened my card on the day and saw he'd booked for a meal and then a trip to the theatre I was overjoyed. And then even more so when I saw he'd splashed on tickets in the stalls. What a good egg he is.

The play is performed 'on the round' meaning, the audience is 360, and the play is directed to cater for people sitting at all angles. We had absolutely superb seats, sat technically at the back of the stage in a normal set up. The actors came on from all angles and it truly was an experience.

Right from the moment the lights dimmed there was an intense atmosphere in the theatre, everyone in the audience stunned to silence and captured by every word and action. I'm not going to give it all away because I think that if you're interested you MUST go and see it. Really, truly, you have to, and it's not for me to give the game away.

But if you haven't heard of the play, it's based around the witch hunts that plagued Salem Village in the late 1600s, a story that was written as an allegory to the 'witch hunts' that were experienced with McCarthyism in the mid-20th Century in North America. And to me, it is utterly fascinating.

Needless to say the acting was absolutely seamless, and there was a standing ovation for the cast at the end, which I'm sure they experience every night. Armitage held the stage with such power and conviction, I found myself completely immersed in his performance, as well as the rest of the cast.

The Crucible at The Old Vic Theatre (right by Waterloo station in case you didn't know) is running until the 13th September, and I would HIGHLY recommend you go and see it if you can. I came out of the theatre completely astounded at what I had seen and how involved I felt throughout the entirety of the play, and thinking about it now, if I had the money I'd easily go and see it again because it's probably the best piece of theatre I've ever seen, for all of the reasons above and more.

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