Technical Update | A Few Lessons Learnt

After running some (unsuccessful) tests via the apple support chat the day after my MacBook Pro died, I was booked in for an appointment at the apple store the following Saturday. The day after my birthday. The day after my birthday night out. But I wasn't going to prolong the situation so off I popped Saturday lunchtime into central, prepared for the worst news; a huge repair bill that I wouldn't be able to afford.

When I was in there I was *very* clear about the fact the MacBook was less than two years old, the lovely lady asked me where I purchased it from and if I could provide a receipt; apple store and yes, and I think at the next sentence my jaw dropped to the floor.

She said they would cover the repair, because it's less than two years old, out of the apple warranty but still protected by legislation introduced by the EU to cover consumers for up to two years, should a product end up being faulty. So I'll have my pride and joy back in 7-10 days.

A few lessons have been learnt here:

1. Take back ups - something I already knew but still don't do
2. Know your rights as a consumer
3. Get contents insurance

Having done all of these things, I probably wouldn't have stressed as much but at least it worked out ok this time.

And let me be the first to say, the EU ain't so bad after all - if we leave the EU, it's little gem bits of legislation like this that we'll be missing out on. I know a lot of people think the EU dictates the UK government and how it operates, and in *some* ways I agree. This just goes to show how little we know about the good the EU does for us.

Oh yeah, and had this have happened just a few weeks later when my MacBook turns 2 years old, I would have had to pay over £400 for the pleasure. I KNOW.

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