Reaching 100 | & A Giveaway To Say Thank You

So, here I am just casually talking about how there's just over 100 of you, who will be reading this and all my other ramblings on a regular basis. Not reaching 100 years old as the title might suggest.

Well this is kind of a celebration, and by kind of, I mean definitely. Yesterday I hit 100 followers, with the help of Rosie, as I'm sure you all know from Cider With Rosie - ultimate super babe. Without sounding like a broken blogger record, I actually felt quite overwhelmed and humbled yesterday when it happened, and to be honest, even a little queasy. But that may have been the bumpy bus ride home from work.

To think that there is just over 100 of all you lovely lot, reading my regular ramblings and other such things I decide to write down makes me feel really wonderful and for that I truly want to say thank you. Blogging has become ingrained in my day to day life and I absolutely love it; it is without doubt one of my favourite things to do and take part in.

The posts on this blog are often centred around things I enjoy, favourite past times and other occurrences of the like, so in light of this, I'm going to do a giveaway based around my *favourite* things. I'm going to give a package to one of you lot, filled with a load of items that I enjoy the most in life. I have a good idea of what I'm going to include but I'll confirm what the package will contain in a few days/a week or so.

Breakfast of Champions - Kurt Vonnegut, my favourite novel
Suck It & See - Arctic Monkeys, one of my favourite albums
Revolutionary Road DVD, one of my favourite films
The Basics Basic Baking Handbook, my go to baking book for basic techniques
Essie Nail Polish in Pink Daiquiri, one of my favourite nail colours
A Revlon/Rimmel lipstick, I haven't decided which shade yet
Various eaty and drinky bits in the form of my favourite teas, sweets and choccies

Obviously all of the copies of everything will be brand new, not my ragged old hand-me-downs :)

All you have to do is;
1. Tell me in the comments, your favourite blog of any genre, and what you love most about that blog
2. Just make sure you're following This Particular on Bloglovin

And if you would like you can send a tweet by clicking this link to help spread the word!


I will pick a winner in a month's time. Due to postage costs, I'm only opening this giveaway to UK residents. Please make sure you're in a position to give your address to me to be able to send the winning package, i.e. over 18 years old or at least have permission from an adult if you're under that age. Just in case, y'know?!

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