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Haven't done one of these in a while, but I had a feeling it would happen as soon as a colleague of mine came running back from the Berwick St market earlier this week, raving about a new stall, serving *the* best subs. Friday lunch treat it was.

There's not much to say about Sub Cult as they're a relatively new venture with a market stall on the Berkwick St market in the heart of Soho serving Tues-Friday, and The Duke of Wellington in Dalston on evenings and weekends. Quite the venture. But as they put it themselves 'Sub Cult is an Anglo-American Culinary Clash, putting the soul in your roll since April 2014'.

First impressions the staff were super friendly, and talkative - something that will always encourage returning customers. It's needless to mention, but I will anyway: the staff are seamlessly cool, which in turn made me feel cool just standing there.

At the market stall they have four options of sub sandwiches, all of which are served in a gorgeous brioche bun. And you can ignore what I said about brioche buns in my Five Guys post because it was damn tasty and full of flavour, much how a brioche should be. Although I maintain, a brioche bun is not always relevant, despite a lot of new food places serving them. Sub Cult however, have got it spot on as their sandwiches are filled with flavour but not overly complicated.

The four options include two meat choices, pork and steak, a seafood and pork option and a vegetarian sub and start at £5 and range up to £6.50. I went for the vegetarian option which was a gorgeous mushroom sub, I can't remember exactly what was in it but the mushrooms (I think oyster but not sure) were cooked to perfection and the accompaniment of sauce and salad was divine. Completely unfussy, but completely gorgeous. I can't wait to try the seafood and pork roll next.

More often than not when I go to the market, I end up feeling really super stuffed (because I have an inability to waste food) and struggle to move for the next few hours, but right now I feel fine, I ate well but it wasn't too much, and I certainly don't feel stodgy.

All in all I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Sub Cult, they've put a lot of thought into their product and the culture of the business and that is so refreshing to see. This was certainly my most favourite trip to the market so far and my favourite in the 'What's For Lunch Today?' series. 

I have a feeling that Sub Cult will be making a shift into the mainstream in the very near future.

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